Monday, May 25, 2009

Treat your skin with the world around you...

This week on the blog I would really like to focus on the natural means to healthy and glowing skin! Many of us assume that you need to spend 80.00 on a small jar of wrinkle cream at the department store to really see any benefits.... Or we have joined the 25.00 a month club for constant packages of acne treatment to be delivered right to our doorstep.

This is not necessary! In fact, it is wasteful. I am a firm believer that God gave us the ability to sustain with all the gifts of the planet on which we live.

Many of the plants that we see everyday, we assume are weeds or have no value. Not true! In fact, some of the most beneficial skin care properties can be found in our own back yards... Still not a believer? Well here are a few examples:

Chamomile: We all know that this is supposed to be calming and relaxing, right? But, did you know that chamomile is also an anti inflammatory? Antiseptic? Anti infectious? Some of it's most valuable uses are pain relief, fevers, menstrual problmes, skin rashes, eczema, and helps with nervousness.

Lemon grass: We all know that it smells delightful. But, it also is a known astrigent, works to fight cellulite, and benefical to skin care. It acts as an astrigent and antiseptic.

Obviously both chamomile and lemon grass would be beneficial in the treatment of acne, blemishes, and breakouts. Both are fantastic in bath soaks for all over body blemishes and breakouts, both help calm and relax. These plants are easy to grow, and easy to convert the plant to an essential oil (which we will discuss at a later time)

I would like to share more skin care herbal essences with you... Coming soon we will talk about calendula (a form of marigold - so you know how easy that is to grow!) , and eucalyptus-

In the meantime, please see my recently released No Itch- Poison Ivy and bug bite bath bar (soap) which contains a custom blend of herbal ingredients and essential oils to stop the itching, decrease redness and inflammation, and to prevent infection in open areas. No harsh chemicals- natural. Find it at my store

Also, the natural approach to acne and blemishes with my acne bar made from essential oils. This, too, can be found at my etsy store or at:

Shout Out: Cornerorange.etsy

This week I want to share a great person with you (I can't keep her all to myself and continue to exploit her!) Jenny at! Beautiful jewelry (one of a kind, artisan quality, exquisite designs)... She is also a whiz at computers, design, graphics, marketing, etc. Do not hesitate to contact her for anything you may need help with... She is very reasonable! She has helped me tremendously! I owe her a huge debt of gratitude!

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