Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Patience vs. Ambition Where is the line drawn?

I read a fantastic blog today that questioned readers to think about patience, and when is patience too much? The writer was referring to patience in your business, your family, and in relationships. I really thought about this, and the writer had some really in depth views. I wanted to share my personal vision of patience, and ask all of you to really dive into yourself and think about it also... Sometimes we get so busy with the realities of life, we don't stop and appreciate the life we are scurrying so hard to create! I have included the link at the bottom from the original blog post on this topic. I encourage to read it and truly examine yourself. You will be given the opportunity to join the social network when you attempt to comment on the original blog- Sign up! It's a great network, lots of interesting opportunities, and you can never have too many friends, right? On the questionnaire tell them Mommy Tyme (Valerie Poling) Referred you! I have included a social network link to the left, also!

Link: http://sta.rtup.biz/

There is a reason why patience is referred to as a virtue and not a characteristic. Patience is a quality most people do not have, unfortunately. In the hustle and bustle world of this generation, too many people are seeking immediate gratification and not willing to wait for the true pay off. Relationships are victims of the same pitfall... Everyone wants the "dream" yesterday, but realistically, once that ideal achievement is met, what comes next?
People always want the greener side, or the life they don't have. Thus the root of all evil, envy, emerges. How many people can truthfully say they are happy with what they have and where they are in life? Very few. That isn't because they are suffering or struggling, for most it is because they want more... Another sign of evil, gluttony!
The ability to wait patiently for the rewards of life IS a virtue. The ability to enjoy your moment, enjoy your family, your friends, your home, and your life right here and right now is a skill that requires reflection. You must be able to look at your past, see how far you have traveled, and appreciate the road you took. Not just easy paths, but the ones that helped to build your attributes, your characteristics, and your empathy.
However, appreciating your moment does not mean you stop and stand still. It is human nature to need challenge and to strive to be better. So, the real challenge is to continue down your road, looking for opportunities that will lead you down different paths, and to put your best foot forward to reach the next crossroad. But, remember to take in the view as you go....

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