Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some Tips for your Daily Rituals... Don't forget the Freebies!

I found this article incredible! Did you know that some of the chemicals in breath strips are similar to antifreeze? Wow! Read the link below for even more Mind Boggling Facts about your hygiene products!

Have a temper? Losing it every now and then. The economy, stress, etc. all lead to us being a little more on edge... Here are some tips, and actual medical conditions which could be contributing to your explosions. Definitely worth a read!

Free sample of popcorn! Yum!

Need inspiration? Need to feel content? Need peace? I was forwarded this article and I would love to share with you! Really, tell me what you think? I would love to hear from you on this one.

Here you can order a free guide to Women's Health- Share some ideas from this with us! I would love to hear your input...

Remember- Everyone who comments is automatically entered into the drawing for free Mommy Tyme samplers and goodies to be announced 8/25! So leave a comment, interact, etc. To find out more, visit my site at Mommy's Tyme

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