Saturday, June 6, 2009

Crochet Wire Beaded Bracelet Pattern - Free!

Here is a simple and easy to use pattern for making bracelets. You can use any kind of bead, button, or even leave it plain for a really unique look. You can take this basic pattern and create it into your own work by changing a stitch or two, embellishment, length, clasp, etc. There is a lot of room to experiment with this one. The only catch is it is a crochet bracelet with wire, so you need to have basic crochet stitch skills.

You will need:

Spool of 30 gauge wire (you can get this at any craft store, but sometimes it is much cheaper in the floral design section)

About 50 beads (any size- you create the pattern)

Size 6.5 MM crochet hook or smaller (the larger the hook, the easier to work with- so for your first few trials you may want to use the 6.5)

To start:

1. Do not cut the wire. You work with the wire as it is still strung on the spool. Load your beads onto the wire in your pattern of choice. Best to use 2-3 medium size beads, followed by a single large, or several small seed beads, then 2-3 medium beads, followed by a single large or several small seed beads (keep repeating).

2. Make a slip knot leaving about 3” tail of wire hanging. Slide crochet hook through the knot and make one chain stitch. Pull tight. Make chain stitches (do not pull tight, but try to keep even) until work is approximately 2” longer than fits around wrist.

3. Chain 1, turn. SC first ch. Slide 2-3 beads up close to hook, then sc. *Slide a few beads up close to hook, then sc next stitch* Repeat until you reach the end of your work.

4. Ch. Turn. Slip Stitch full length of work (not adding beads).

5. Ch 1, Turn. SC in the front loops of the first slip stitch. * Slide 2-3 beads up close to hook, then sc in front loop of the next slip stitch * Repeat until you reach the end.

6. Cut wire approximately 4” length from your last stitch. Weave this tail into the end of your work on the short side; pull it out into the center of the short side of the bracelet. Twist this wire till taught. Attach a toggle to this reinforced piece of wire.

7. Cut a second piece of wire about 4” in length and weave through the opposite short side of bracelet for the clasp. Weave through and pull out at center of short side, twist to reinforce, then attach clasp for the toggle. Make sure you wrap the wire through the clasp hole several times, followed by wrapping up and down the stem of the wire. (See photos).

You are finished. You can design and add any type of embellishments or beads to this basic bracelet beading pattern.

To see more patterns, recipes, craft ideas, etc. Visit the Mommy Tyme web site:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks! That bracelet is really cute and helped me a lot.

August 15, 2009 at 1:58 PM  

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