Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Business of Partying? Make money doing what you love to do?


The purpose of my blog, A New You, is to help women make changes within themselves that they have wanted to do, but have not had the right resources or tools to achieve. This is not only weight management, health and beauty tips, but financial security, self esteem and achieving those dreams that you may have never thought possible. I have been spending a lot of time lately researching and looking into ways for women to achieve financial independence and employment security in these tough economic times. I wanted to present these to my readers and offer them as hope and opportunities for their future!


Recently I received an email discussing a new opportunity for women (or men) to become business franchise owners with a new company, One Hour Parties. Well, with a name like that I had to check it out. I was absolutely amazed at this idea! One Hour Parties is a party planning business that supplies all the fantastic amenities anyone could possibly need to throw a fantastic themed party! I am not kidding! These kits come with everything you need to literally be the most talked about party hostess at your office, in your neighborhood, amongst your husband's football fanatic friends, etc. This has to be one of the most creative ideas for a new business I have seen in a long time. And, it is affordable for just about every budget. There are themed parties that come with all the fixin's for as little as 2.95 per person! When is the last time you could throw a party for that kind of money?


Carnival themed party! Cotton Candy, sno cones, servers and more…


So, what comes in the kits you're asking? Well, for example, the Smoothie p arty at 2.95 a person (what a fun idea this one is!) comes with (I actually copied and quoted the following directly from the web site so you would believe me!)

" Party includes: 1 hour of serving by party staff, smoothie blenders (2), ice, fruit smoothie mix (strawberry and mango), 8-ounces per serving, 8-ounce cups, straws, lime green napkins, tropical fruit table cover, extension cord, and set up. Customer provides table and standard outlets. Allow up to one hour for set up. "

So, for 2.95 a person someone comes to your home, does all the work and you come out looking like the queen of party planning! How much better does it get. Ideas for parties include sundae party, New Year's Party, Mardi Gras Mix up, Football parties, children's parties and so many more. You can also customize your own party!


Now you're hooked on the idea, how do you become part of this new and growing company? Well, there is a franchise opportunity available, now. Once this company really starts to take off, franchises will likely be limited. But at this ground floor stage, One Hour Parties is actively seeking new franchise owners throughout the US to participate and reap the rewards in this creative capital. Event Planning is a 500 billion dollar industry that is virtually recession proof (after all, even when we are broke, we still throw our kid's a birthday party! And One Hour Parties makes it affordable). One Hour Parties has everything you could imagine to offer from corporate or business luncheons, meetings, family celebrations, children's parties, religious milestones, sports, etc. There are even party platters, fruit trays, balloon centerpieces, flower arrangements, and more… Something for everyone and for every budget. This business does not cater to one type of customer; rather it focuses on making everyone a customer. The franchise program offers intensive training to its new franchise owners, on the spot assistance, field support, reference materials and operations manuals, work from home, set your own hours, and you have a team of professionals who WANT you to succeed available to you!


Sound interesting? Well, then check it out and see if One Hour Parties is the opportunity you have been looking for! http://onehourparties.com


St. Pat's Day Party favors!


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