Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taking a New Look and Format!

Recently I have been thinking about why I created this particular blog, and the original reason was to share new information, discuss topics important to us regarding health, wellness, our families, etc. and give resources to those in need. Somehow over the past few months, that goal has gotten off track for me and I have focused mainly on crafting, dieting, etc. And although those are fun topics, they are already explored on my blog:
Mommys Reviews at

So, I wanted to try and take this blog back on track with a new title and new topics. I want this blog to be educational and helpful to women, families, and society. So, please bear with the changes, and if you joined for the craftiness, please check out my other blog and subscribe. There is always something fun and exciting going on there- contests, give aways, freeibes, references, links, shopping and more! You really will love it

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