Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tips and Ideas for the Week...

Here is a link with great tips on dieting, replacing just a few items that you currently eat with something else- the result being saving several hundred calories a day and jump starting your metabolism! This is just one great resource available at this link- tips on dieting, health, signs to monitor with your health, and more... Worth a read!


Here are some great tips and ideas to get your kids off to healthy day at school. Complete the survey and receive free coupons, menu planners, recipe books and more! FREE! super quick and easy- takes five minutes!


When we talk about a new you, that is not just on the exterior, but on the interior also... Meaning spiritually, emotionally, building confidence and self esteem, getting your priorities in order, and finding peace. I think for me the ultimate transformation would be to find peace in my life. That is really hard. I have a hard time letting go of personal "warfare" or just occasionally accepting defeat and moving on.

I would love for some of the readers to share how they deal with the daily trials of their lives- is it through prayer? meditation? work? spending time with your children? do you have a hobby that lets you escape for a while? Please take a moment and share your thoughts on this to help another reader find their way to inner peace. For the next few weeks I would like to look at ways we can simplify our lives and draw on that inner sanctuary.

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4 Things you can Do Right Now to speed up your Metabolism! Really! This is a great article and feel free to reblog it and share it with others! Great ideas, simple to do, and really work!


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