Sunday, February 14, 2010

A little about me... Mommy Tyme

I just finished reviewing a few private comments I had received from this blog, and I thought, WOW! How did I miss that? I have not really introduced myself or told you anything about why I am writing this blog...

Obviously from the shop widgets and my links you can see that I am a handmade nut! I love to create, and do so fanatically! I currently have a web site at and I have several shops:

Along with 2 blogs that discuss creating and selling handmade:

Along with this, I run a group home for adults with developmental disabilities and have done this for many, many, many years... In fact, since I was 18 (39, now!) that is the profession I have always found myself in... (a few waitress jobs here and there, but my passion is working with individuals with special needs). Why? Because of respect. I respect my clients and do not see the differences that others might. We are all unique and diverse- and my clients diversity is simply in development rather than race, gender, etc. I love the fact that when I come to work I have a family- when I go home from work, I have a family. And whenever possible, I attempt to mix it all together!

Along with that, I am also a full time grad student in Child and Adolescent Development. I am nearing the end. I have a four year old son whom we adopted 3 years ago - and he is literally my sun and moon!

But, when I became a mom at 36 years- for the first time- I thought everything I did was wrong.. I am so used to developmental deficits and delays that I did not know what "normal" development was... and I know there must be a zillion people out there just like me! When I have a question, I research it! Thus, the beginning of this blog...

Also, I think that prevention and intervention is the path to healthy, happy lives. Cultural diversity is key, and the family dynamics need to be unique and individual- but, there are some universal truths that we all must take into consideration! Teratogens will harm your baby. Neglect can be emotional or physical. Etc. and Etc. This is stuff you cant just find out on your own...or it will be too late. We all need to share it with our neighbors, friends, and family. Furthermore, children are having children and they may not have the knowledge, training or skills that they need to be a parent. This is where we, as a community, have to offer assistance - or the future generations are going to be psychologically inept.

Thus, my blog-

I really encourage you to ask questions, comment, share personal experiences! I want to hear from everyone. I do not know everything (my four year old tells me that on a regular basis)- but I WANT to know everything. What works for one family, may not work for another- but a solution exists- we just have to find it!

So, please share and help others! This blog does not have a lot of followers- but it does have a lot of readers- and what you say matters and helps someone else- isn't that a fantastic contribution?

So, feel free to introduce yourself, post your blog links (even if they are unrelated! That is ok, it give us insight to you...) ans share your stories! I tend to lean towards the clinical view of things- so some heartwarming tales of love are always appreciated!

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