Sunday, July 26, 2009


I have done some serious reflecting over the past few days. Recently some medical issues have arisen which gave me a scare. The outcome however, is that I am going to get busy on creating a new, happy, healthy me!

I invite you to join me on this journey, write your thoughts, success, failures, and more in the comments... Research has shown that groups that focus on a life change are better able to achieve it because of support. So, let's support each other....

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Life change? What does that mean, really? It's not just weight loss, or a new wardrobe, it is revamping from the inside out. That can not be achieved over night, and if you try too much at one time, you set yourself up for failure... So, let's take baby steps!

The first thing I have done is list my goals- so, think.. What are the things that really impact your happiness and life? Is it finances? health? appearance? personality issues? Family problems? If there were 5 things that would give you total happiness, what would they be?

For me I have broke down the goals into the following:

1. Improve my health
2. Weight loss (I weigh 165 today)
3. Get my finances under control
4. Really get my home business off the ground so someday I can give up the 9-5 corporate world
5. Spend more Quality time with my family

So, in taking baby steps I am going to make 1 or 2 small changes this week...

Improving my health and weight loss are intertwined, so I may be able to kill two birds with one stone (as they say)! So, question yourself, what behaviors do you engage in that impact your health and cause you to gain weight?

For me, I eat fast food for lunch everyday! Yes, everyday! That also impacts my finances- at 7.00 a lunch / 35.00 a week- Wow! So, that is change one, starting this week- No fast food for lunch!

Obviously we are going to fall at times, that is ok! Pick yourself up, start again. No one changes completely the first time around. Let's help each other!

So, what is your first step? Tell me about it and let's help each other try!

Another aspect that impairs my health, weight, etc. is my total LACK of exercise! Can't that come in a pill? I hate to sweat, I hate to exercise, and I really have no time! But, if I am going to change my life, I need to make time. Exercise is supposedly great for depression and stress- so, let's give it a go. This week I will try to walk at least 3 times! (how's that for a baby steP?) My little boy loves to take walks, and I love to hike in the woods and explore. We can do this together, and maybe it won't seem like exercise? I hope not!

Now, there are things I am going to avoid so as to not beat myself up! I am not going to weigh every day. I am not going to call this a diet. I am not going to keep reviewing my goals, instead I am just going to focus on these baby steps for this week!

So, tell me what your goals will be this week? What are your baby steps? I really hope we can share and help one another through these changes....

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