Saturday, May 30, 2009

Contest! Contest! Free Samples!!!

Two more days for the Grand Opening New Bath and Body Item!

I only have 2 days left to create a fantastic new product for the grand opening of the Mommy Tyme Bath and Unique Gifts on Fuzzy Blue Slippers, Winkelf, and Etsy! Announced earlier this month was a contest for whoever could come up with a great idea for a new bath and body product would receive a free full size product of this item and several other free samples. The winner also gets to name the product. All you have to do is give me a general idea, I will create the recipe! I am at a creative block and could really use your help!

Email you idea to or post a comment here on the blog....

In the meantime, visit my new shops

Can't wait to hear from you......

Posting today-
New lemon poppyseed 3 ounce heart bars with rich and fragrant all natural lemon oil. Great for exfoliating, removing dry skin, and perfect for the gardners and people on their feet all day. The poppyseeds remove dry, calloused areas allowing for new skin growth on hands and feet. The bar is small enough to fit right in your hand, so you can gently rub the bar on those dry areas...

Also, the full size Neroli bar! Sweet fragrant and floral with olive oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Storewide sale at Mommy Tyme

Visit for 25% off Now

Use code 1122 at registration.

This will reduce your invoice by 25% off! Have fun, shop shop shop!!!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mommy Tyme Bath and Unique Gifts Newest Additions at Etsy

Mommy Tyme's handmade bath and unique gifts newest additions to Etsy.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MommyTyme's Words of Wisdom: Treat your skin with the world around you...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Treat your skin with the world around you...

This week on the blog I would really like to focus on the natural means to healthy and glowing skin! Many of us assume that you need to spend 80.00 on a small jar of wrinkle cream at the department store to really see any benefits.... Or we have joined the 25.00 a month club for constant packages of acne treatment to be delivered right to our doorstep.

This is not necessary! In fact, it is wasteful. I am a firm believer that God gave us the ability to sustain with all the gifts of the planet on which we live.

Many of the plants that we see everyday, we assume are weeds or have no value. Not true! In fact, some of the most beneficial skin care properties can be found in our own back yards... Still not a believer? Well here are a few examples:

Chamomile: We all know that this is supposed to be calming and relaxing, right? But, did you know that chamomile is also an anti inflammatory? Antiseptic? Anti infectious? Some of it's most valuable uses are pain relief, fevers, menstrual problmes, skin rashes, eczema, and helps with nervousness.

Lemon grass: We all know that it smells delightful. But, it also is a known astrigent, works to fight cellulite, and benefical to skin care. It acts as an astrigent and antiseptic.

Obviously both chamomile and lemon grass would be beneficial in the treatment of acne, blemishes, and breakouts. Both are fantastic in bath soaks for all over body blemishes and breakouts, both help calm and relax. These plants are easy to grow, and easy to convert the plant to an essential oil (which we will discuss at a later time)

I would like to share more skin care herbal essences with you... Coming soon we will talk about calendula (a form of marigold - so you know how easy that is to grow!) , and eucalyptus-

In the meantime, please see my recently released No Itch- Poison Ivy and bug bite bath bar (soap) which contains a custom blend of herbal ingredients and essential oils to stop the itching, decrease redness and inflammation, and to prevent infection in open areas. No harsh chemicals- natural. Find it at my store

Also, the natural approach to acne and blemishes with my acne bar made from essential oils. This, too, can be found at my etsy store or at:

Shout Out: Cornerorange.etsy

This week I want to share a great person with you (I can't keep her all to myself and continue to exploit her!) Jenny at! Beautiful jewelry (one of a kind, artisan quality, exquisite designs)... She is also a whiz at computers, design, graphics, marketing, etc. Do not hesitate to contact her for anything you may need help with... She is very reasonable! She has helped me tremendously! I owe her a huge debt of gratitude!

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hi! Welcome to the first post here at MommyTyme's words of wisdom.... Before we start, let me just say that I am by no means an expert! I have learned as I went, and fortunately found some really knowledgeable teachers along the way. I have some fantastic suppliers who are truly experts in their areas, and if I need to know something, that is where I go.

Today I want to introduce some herbal products, make suggestions for their uses, and maybe dig up a recipe or two! Then Introduce my Store Opening Contest that I really need everyone's input for!

I'd like to give a plug to one of my fantastic suppliers who is beyond an expert in her area of essential oils. At her web site you can find a ton of information regarding each oil that she sells. She has a site on etsy, Ebay, and her own web store. You can find Cassandra, The Organic Witch, at :

From there you can be directed to shop or look for her at her other stores! So, that is my shout out for the Week! Thanks Organic Witch!

Let me introduce you to a tantalizing little herb called Peppermint. Peppermint is actually one of my absolute favorite herbs. I love to smell it growing in the garden, I love to cook with it, I love to flavor teas, coffee, and even milk with it! Peppermint is very versatile and has an immense amount of uses.

Peppermint was first found in the United States, England, France and Italy (Worwood, S. Essential Aromatherapy. New World Library).

Peppermint is a perennial, so each year after your first planting you get more and more.... Peppermint can be purchased at most garden stores where herbs and/or perennials are sold. It is a flowering plant, but for use you want to use the whole plant before flowering occurs. So, plant some for use and some for show!

Now here is a little tid bit you may not know (or really care about) but...
Perppermint, according to mythology of the Greek, was named for a nymph, Mintha, who allegedly was seduced by Pluto. Pluto's wife found out, became very enraged and turned the nymph, Mintha, into a plant. Pluto was very upset, so he changed Mintha from a plant into an herb knowing that she would then be appreciated for years to come as he had appreciated her. (Isn't that sweet?)
(Worwood, S. Essential Aromatherapy. New World Library).

Peppermint is valued for it's use with headaches, nausea, fatigue, apathy, bowel disorders, muscular pain, sinus problems, poor circulation, and depression.

For the skin, peppermint serves as an emollient, antiseptic, and muscle relaxant. However, applied straight (the essential oil) can cause skin irritation. So, best to use either the herbal plant form (dried or fresh leaves) or use a carrier oil with the essential oil. Carrier oils include jojoba oil, almond oil, avocado oil, etc. I personally prefer to use the jojoba oil or sweet almond oil as my carrier oils.

Currently I have listed in my stores a peppermint bath bar and a chocolate mint bar. See both below:

Who doesn't love the rich and playful taste of mint chocolate? Well, you probably shouldn't eat these soap bars, but they're the next best thing! Created with real herbal mint, chocolate oil, vegetable glycerin, and a natural glycerin base, your skin can have the "chocolate experience" as well! Each soap bar comes in hearts or stars, packaged in a decorator brown box

Minty freshness and tingly scents permeate through this soap bar! Wake up your skin with peppermint oil--known to relieve pain, soothe your skin, and invigorate your mind--vegetable glycerin, almond oil, and peppermint herb, with a natural glycerin base! Cover yourself up in the rich lather and rise off for minty bliss!

Visit my stores at:

You can also find Peppermint in my bath blitz that is currently for sale, and in the Herbal Facial cleansing bar. Since Peppermint acts as an antiseptic, it is beneficial to blemishes, acne, etc. Also in keeping open wounds, areas, clean.

On To the Contest:

I am currently looking for a great new bath product to help me with the opening of my new stores on Etsy, Winkelf, and FuzzyB! I am slowly (it is so time consuming... ) moving most of my products to these stores from my previous stores at and Currently at either of these stores you can receive 25% off all merchandise (to help me from having to move the items!). Simply email me prior, tell me that you want the 25% discount, and I will re-calculate the invoice before you pay. You can email me at the store sites or at
Back to the contest...
I need a great idea for a soap, bath product, hair care, ets. Something to really announce my new arrival...
In return, if I choose your suggestion, I will send you a free full size product, and let you name it! So, send me your item idea, description and suggested name! If I use it, you will get the first one made. If I don't use your idea, well, thanks anyway! I will keep you posted for future offers, and free sample sign ups!

You can post your ideas here at my blog or email them to me! Either is fine!

Join my Mailing list here and become eligible for newsletters, updates, new product offers, coupons and discounts, and free samples! Join here - just type "add me" in the subject line and send! That's it, That's all!

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